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Welcome to Cardoso Gallery

This gallery is a collection of paintings and drawings that represent an extention of the artist.
Rodrigo Cardoso was born in Portugal and lived most of his life amongst tropical cultures.
He's experienced the African spirit in Angola and South Africa. His most recent years have been amongst the colors and sounds of the Amazon. Rodrigo has always been fascinated by indigenous cultures and he shows it through his work!

He's constantly working on new projects and experimenting with new media, so make sure to
check back often for updates!

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"Every time I watch this video, its hard to believe that I actually grew up in this city, ran through these streets and jumped in theser rivers. Going back in 2005 was stranger than I thought it would be. At one point some vendor asked me what country I was from. I was doing tourism in my own hometown!
Of all the cities I've lived in, from Africa to Europe and South America, this city Belem, on the mouth of the Amazon, has the greatest allure."

The market you see in the video is more famous than the locals know. Some fish brought in from the Amazon river haven't even been classified. The stores with erbs and jars hanging are "witchcraft" stores (Macumba), they sell promises of love or revenge and everything in between. The water you see, that looks like the ocean, is the actual Amazon, you can't see the other side; when the plane takes off, notice that those are Islands on the river, you really never see the other bank. (Rumor has it that one island is as large as Portugal).

Belem is a huge city of 3 million people in the middle of the Amazon, huge mango trees grow on the sidewalks. I'm glad our family still keeps property there, I'll be returning many times. Enjoy the video.

Produced by Motion Colour + Sound